Musical Sequence : 숨,쉬고 도드리-Entre les séquences


Musical Sequence, concert with music and video
(Sequence Between Sequences) ,쉬고 도드리-Entre les séquences
2017.09.02. Saturday (토). 8pm

Value Bridge GongToe (밸류브릿지 공터)
 (경기도 군포시 금산로 84, 4층 밸류브릿지)
Organised by 
ConnexionA (커넥션에이)
In Collaboration with 밸류브릿지, 설탕한스푼

Contact : +82 (0)10 4486 7851 / /

Artists :

Flute & Piccolo by MinHee LEE from ConnexionA
Video & Sound by JiSun LEE
Haegeum by GunMyoung LEE from 설탕한스푼

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